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Most Common Slip and Fall Accident Locations in Chicago

Most Common Slip and Fall Accident Locations in Chicago

Slip and fall lawyers at Drake & Collopy, P.C. have worked for years to help slip and fall accident victims recover the compensation they are entitled to. Slip and fall accidents fall under the premises liability umbrella. It’s smart to hire an attorney with experience handling these cases (like us). 

A slip, trip, and fall accident can occur in many places. A common misconception regarding these situations is that the injury occurs outside your home; however, this isn’t always the case. For example, if you rent your home and the landlord has not provided proper maintenance, and an accident occurs, they can be held liable. If you are injured in this type of incident, you will be considered one of the following, which impacts your ability to recover compensation:

  • Licensees
  • Invitees
  • Trespassers

If you are a licensee or invitee on someone’s property, you have the right to recover compensation by filing a premises liability claim. However, trespassers have limited rights. 

While you may not realize it, falls put over eight million people in the hospital every year across the U.S. Some of these falls result in serious and life-changing injuries. 

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common places where Chicago slip and fall accidents occur. 


If sidewalks are uneven, they can cause this type of accident. Broken sidewalks with cracks or slanted surfaces are common culprits. Slippery surfaces can also cause these accidents. Property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks, ensuring they are in good repair, and removing snow or other slippery substances to prevent accidents. 

Gas Stations 

While this may seem oddly specific, gas stations are also a common location for slip and fall accidents. Gasoline and water spills can create slippery and unsafe surfaces in the parking lot, around the pumps, and even in the store. Since gas stations get a lot of foot traffic, spills may not be noticed until someone is injured. 

Medical Treatment Facilities 

Hospitals and doctor’s offices are locations where slip and fall accidents may occur. One reason is that patients are typically not in good health at these locations. They may use crutches, a walker, or another mobility aid for the first time. Unfortunately, falls that occur at medical facilities may result in serious injuries. 


Stairs are often dangerous because of how they are designed. If the steps are too narrow or steep, it may be impossible to navigate them safely. Along with the design of the stairs, another issue is broken railings. This may make it challenging for someone using the stairs to steady themselves if they lose their balance or footing. 

Sports Facilities and Sporting Events

Many sporting facilities are constructed with stairs for the fans to reach their seats. Additionally, some fans attempt to climb over seats to get where they need to be. Not everyone pays attention to where they are walking or gets distracted by the game or people around them. When this happens, trips, slips, and falls occur, and injuries may happen. 

Escalators and Elevators

If the elevator door shuts too quickly, it may cause someone trying to get in or out to fall. Also, someone may be thrown off balance if the elevator jolts while moving. 

Escalators are equally dangerous. People using them may become tangled in them, resulting in catastrophic injuries. 


A slip, trip, and fall accident may occur regardless of your job or work environment. If you work with heavy equipment or machinery, in the construction industry, or with chemicals, you face a higher risk of slip and fall dangers. Inadequate safety procedures, rushed operations, and debris may increase the potential of a fall. 

Old Buildings 

Older buildings don’t have the modern safety equipment that newer ones do. Because of this, the risk of slip, trip, and fall accidents may occur. Also, older buildings may have smaller stairs (as mentioned before), which people today aren’t used to. The flooring and railings may be in disrepair, too. 

Swimming Pools 

The walking areas near a swimming pool are often slippery, which makes slips and falls common. Surfaces close to the pool could also be slippery because of the water. If you don’t pay attention, run, or lose your footing in these areas, it can result in a serious fall and injury. 

Apartment Complexes 

Poorly maintained apartment complexes may be full of potential fall hazards. Sidewalks, stairs, outside hallways, common areas, and more can cause someone to trip, slip, or fall. Most apartments also have swimming pools which are common for these accidents (as mentioned above). 

Many apartment complexes are home to several hundred residents, which means there is a lot of foot traffic. This also increases the likelihood of a slip, trip, and fall accident. 

Amusement Parks

A day at the amusement park should be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, these settings are often crowded, and several distractions may contribute to a slip and fall incident. While patrons need to pay attention, debris, machinery, rides, vendors, and more can cause slip and fall accidents that result in serious injuries. 

Get Help with Your Chicago Slip and Fall Accident from an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you are injured on someone else’s property, it’s possible to receive monetary compensation for your losses and injuries. Get in touch with our slip and fall lawyers at Drake & Collopy, P.C., for help with your injury claim. Our attorneys have years of experience handling these cases and will work to ensure your side is represented and that you get the best possible outcome for your case. Get in touch today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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