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Construction Accidents | Chicago Injury Attorneys

At Drake & Collopy, P.C., we handle and successfully litigate workers' compensation and personal injury cases. Unlike some other law firms that may handle only one type or the other, our Chicago attorneys are highly skilled in both. We understand the nuances of each and how they relate. With over 40 years of combined experience, we are prepared to handle even the toughest construction accident cases.

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Our passionate commitment to our clients includes:

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Aggressive Advocacy for Construction Accidents

Many construction sites are accidents just waiting to happen. Each day, dozens or even hundreds of workers enter into these dangerous environments filled with heavy equipment, power tools, scaffolding, ladders, holes in the ground, and piles of raw materials. When you factor in the tight schedules and restricted budgets of many construction projects, the potential for injury escalates.

Construction accident cases often involve both a workers' compensation claim involving an employer and a third-party claim against the general contractor and / or property owner. While each of these types of cases can be complicated on their own, in construction site accidents, they become intertwined and highly complex.

Injuries that occur on a job site may leave you unable to work and create a mountain of medical bills. Unfortunately, many construction accidents result in catastrophic injuries. By definition, these injuries are severe, life-altering, and require long-term medical care. Sadly, some of these accidents may cause the wrongful death of their victims, emotionally and financially devastating the families they leave behind.

Hold parties liable for the damages they caused, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages, including future earnings
  • Physical, emotional, and mental pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

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Owners and general contractors are required to keep construction sites in a safe condition for workers! When they breach their legal responsibility, you have a right to pursue legal action. In Illinois, there is a limited time frame to file a personal injury or workers' compensation claim. If you were injured on a construction site or lost a family member in a construction accident, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys at Drake & Collopy, P.C. right away to ensure that the proper steps are taken to investigate the cause of the accident and to preserve any and all relevant evidence.

We understand the financial hardship often encountered with a significant injury and would never want finances to prevent you from acquiring your fair and just settlement. Our team of compassionate lawyers works on a contingency basis; you will not receive a bill for attorneys' fee unless we garner compensation.

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